Frequently asked questions

1. Can you manufacture products according to our drawings?
Yes, we can. Manufacturing according to customers’ drawings is a part of our core business.

2. What is your delivery time?
It depends on requested product. Standard products, which we manufacture or trade and keep in stock, can usually be send the very same day. Delivery time for a customized product depends on its complexity and material.

3. Where are your products manufactured?
Either in our own plants, in Sweden, Germany or Poland. Or at our selected suppliers in Finland, China, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Italy.

4. I need to order chains but I am not sure which type I need. Can you help me?
Of course. We can determine whether it is a roller chain, a conveyor chain, a chain for sawmills or a lifting chain, if you give us the following measurements:

  • Pitch

  • Roller diameter

  • Inner width

5. I need to order sprockets but I am not sure which type we use. Can you help me?
Yes, by the chain indication. If you do not have the chain indication we can determine which sprocket you use by the measurements of your chain (pitch, roller diameter, inner width).

6. What are your terms of payment?
Usually 30 days.

7. I am not satisfied with products delivered – what should I do?
Please contact us as soon as possible, preferably by using this form.

8. Are you ISO-certified?
Yes, our management system is certified according to ISO 14001.