ISO 14001 certified

Kilab (Kedjeexperten i Lingbo AB) is certified according to ISO 14001.

It means that we take an active responsibility for sustainability issues, with distinct environmental objectives. We constantly develop our processes to reach the objectives.

Environmental policy

The environmental issues are integrated in our business process, based on a holistic view of the environment.

Continuous steps of improvements shall be taken at a pace that is technically and economically reasonable, and ecologically motivated.

We shall be cautious with energy and other natural resources. We shall meet the environmental requirements - from authorities, customers and others – by a wide margin, now and in the future.

The principle of recycling is our guide in waste handling. We strive for maximum recycling and sorting of waste and production wastage. We shall work to prevent pollution, throughout all of our business process.

Using information we shall stimulate and encourage all employees in our daily environmental work and raise the knowledge of environmental issues.

Magnus Gisselman
General Manager

ISO 14001 certificat