We are now NTT Group

Welcome to NTT Group – an ”old” company with a new name.

As from April 1st, eleven of Northern Europe’s leading suppliers of mechanical transmission products are united in one brand: NTT Group.

But the companies within the group are not at all new. Most of them have been important players on the market for several years, as well as members of Nordisk Transmissionsteknik AB. And now, the group is taking the next step - presenting itself as ONE supplier.

- We want to show that we are the only supplier of mechanical transmissions products that our customers need, based on cooperation between many different companies within the group. We think that it will be easier for the customers to realize that we have the widest range of Products on the market, and understand how we can help them, says Berndt Denberger, owner and CEO at NTT Group.

NTT Group companies:

- Mölndals Industriprodukter AB

- Kedjeexperten i Lingbo AB (Kilab)

- Vittsjö Mekaniska Verkstads AB

- Conveyorteknik Sweden AB

- Svenska Transmissionsprodukter AB (STP)

- Sandarne Legomekan AB (SLM)

- SKS Nylunds AB

- Mölndals Industriprodukter A/S

- Mölndals Industriprodukter AS

- Mölndals Industriprodukter Polska Sp. z o.o.

- KAHI ecotec GmbH