New Omax 60120 water cutting machine

A new Omax 60120 water cutting machine has been ordered to NTT Group in Sandarne (Sweden). Thus, NTT Group can process more materials and more cost efficiently produce a wider product range.

Water cutting is a one hundred percent cold cutting method. The qualities of the processed material are maintained in the whole work piece, including the cut surface, and cutting cracks are excluded. The most characteristic for water cutting is probably its capability to manage small tolerances. Post adjustments, such as milling, lathing or drilling, are usually not necessary.

Water cutting is also favorable from an environmental perspective. Less material is used in each cut, compared to other cutting methods. Omax 60120 is equipped with a high pressure pump with 90 percent output utilization, which gives an optimal consumption of energy. All excessed water is cleaned in a special vessel before canalization.

- We are very pleased to be able to cut more materials – metals of course, but also plastic, rubber, glass and stone. Our wide product range gets even wider, says Magnus Gisselman, General Manager for NTT Group/Sandarne Legomekan AB.

The new water cutting machine will be installed during the fall of 2014.